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A lime wedge is the standard garnish in the United States, while many in the U.K. think that lemon is the only proper complement.

Hendricks is known for pairing best with cucumber and if you've ever tried them together you know why. With so many other great garnishes out there, we figured it's somewhat tragic to limit ourselves to lemons and limes.

Here's a list of some of our favorite gins matched up with some not-so-standard garnishes that highlight their distinctive flavors and botanicals.

Note: Feel free to mix, match, and experiment! As long as you're using a good tonic and drinking with an open mind, you really can't go wrong.

Gin Garnish
Martin Miller's Mint Sprig
Hendricks Cucumber
Tanqueray 10 Grapefruit
Death's Door Blood Orange Slice
Beefeater Lemon, Grapefruit & Orange Wheel
Bombay Sapphire Orange Peel
Plymouth Lemon Slice & A Blackberry
Junipero Sugared Rhubarb
New Amsterdam Fresh Ginger Root
Aviation Strawberries
Citadelle Orange
The Botanist Thyme & Lemon

The Lime Lowdown

Prefer to stick with everyone's favorite green citrus fruit? The following tips may be of interest:
  • When selecting your fruit, avoid limes with dark spots or bruising
  • To soften the lime (which releases more juice) roll it on the bar top with your hands or leave it in hot water for five minutes
  • Always wash the fruit before cutting, as citrus fruits are often waxed
  • A wedge is 1/8 of a lime (or lemon or orange) - no matter what size the piece of fruit is, there are always 8 wedges
  • To enhance juiciness, dip the lime in unflavored soda water just before use

To Cut Lime Wedges:
  1. Cut off the ends
  2. Cut the lime in half lengthwise, from one end to the other
  3. Cut each half into four equal wedges

To Cut Lime Wheels:
  1. Remove the ends of the lime
  2. Slice the lime from one end to the other - the thickness is up to you
  3. Make one cut from the center of the lime to the edge so it can sit easily on the glass
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